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Student Medication

Prescription medicine and/or non-prescription medicine (including COUGH DROPS) may be given to students only upon written authorization of the parent(s) or legal guardian as specified in Section 816 of the Oklahoma School Laws. Upon receipt of the written authorization, the school administrator or the designated school employee may administer (1) a non-prescription medicine and/or (2) a filled prescription as that term is defined by Section 353.1 of title 59 of the Oklahoma Statutes.

A separate authorization form must be filled out for each prescription and non-prescription medication to be administered, and a separate medicine record will be maintained on each student. Non-prescription medications, including children’s and adult Tylenol, cough drops and antacid tablets, are kept in the school office. These can be administered to a student with written authorization from a parent or guardian. Verbal, phone authorization may be used infrequently as needed, but written permission is preferred. Medicine forms are available in the school office and in the registration packet.

In executing this authorization, the parents or legal guardians fully recognize, agree, and understand that the designated school employees shall not be liable to the student or a parent or a guardian of the student for civil damages for any personal injuries to the student which result from acts or omissions of the school or county nurse, administrator, or designated school employees in administering any medicines pursuant to the authorization.

Children are not permitted to keep medicines in their possession while at school.

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