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Fundraising at First Lutheran School

All funds to be collected from the children, by parents or teachers, must have prior approval of the principal one week in advance. Solicitation of funds for groups not associated with First Lutheran Church & School is not permitted (i.e., if the sponsoring agency of the fund raiser does not have an organized chapter or group in our school, the fund raising efforts are not allowed on school premises).


Fundraising allows First Lutheran School to provide more opportunities for our students. Through fundraising events, annual auction, and rewards programs like the Scrip program, it’s now easier than ever to make a difference in our school community. Every little bit counts.

Your contribution is important to us, and together we can help First Lutheran School provide a superior education and learning environment for our students.

Make a Donation and Support First Lutheran School

Gifts of cash - A donation of cash is the easiest way to support First Lutheran School. Such gifts are fully tax deductible to the limits of tax law. Cash gifts can be pledged over several years to provide greater flexibility in your financial planning. Contact us for more information.

Earn Money for Your School with Scrip!

About the Scrip Program

The Scrip merchant certificate program provides an opportunity for you to raise funds for the PTL through your family’s shopping, eating out, and gift-giving. The PTL purchases gift cards and gift certificates from merchants at a discount of 2-15%. When you purchase these gift certificates to use or give, the PTL makes 2-15%!

We keep the most commonly used gift cards and certificates in stock. To purchase a card, simply stop by the school office. Cards are available after hours or on weekends by contacting the PTL Merchant Certificate coordinator. The list of available cards is huge - 9 pages long as of July 2010 - and can be found online at The PTL can order cards from any company on the list.

Listed below are a few ideas of how you can use the Scrip program to help the school:

  • Do you have a monthly budget for Wal-Mart? Purchase Wal-Mart gift cards each month at the school office.
  • Do you eat out regularly at local eateries? Stock up on certificates like Taco Bell and Dominos.
  • Clothes shopping? Pick up cards from retailers such as American Eagle, Dillards, or Old Navy.
  • Traveling? Cards from hotels such as Hyatt Place and the Comfort Inn are available.
  • Eating out? Use a gift card from Red Lobster, Texas Roadhouse, or many other restaurants?
  • Giving a gift? Try a gift card from Amazon, Cabellas, Lowes, or Starbucks, to name a few.

The Scrip merchant certificate program allows the PTL to raise funds off of each family’s regular spending. CHECK THE SCRIP LIST BEFORE YOU SHOP OR TRAVEL. Your participation can make a big difference for our students, teachers, and school.

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